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IF award 2022 winner

It took us quite some time but now it is out, Getinge’s GUIDE system gets prestigious design award in the categories User Interface & Product Interfaces

GUIDE is a design system for medical devices. The hardware and software have been designed together to create a complete toolbox that includes physical panels and a comprehensive design system with guidelines and coded components. The system was created for acute care environments where clinicians are working with an increasing number of advanced devices with very different interfaces.

GUIDE is an effort to make Getinges products not only look but also feel and behave the same way. That way is calm, clear and requires minimum attention so that clinicians can focus more on patients and less on devices.

My contribution to this is the visual design, interaction design and implementation via design thinking over serveral products and sites.

The response to GUIDE has been fantastic from our users.

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Interaction design Visual design

Servo-U the worlds most intuitive ventilator

A year ago nobody knew what I do for a living. But, after Covid hit, ventialators have played a crucial part in saving lives all over the world. I’m not happy that ventilators came into the spotlight in this fashion, but very happy that the team I work with have made the worlds most user friendly ventilator.
True story.
We benchmakred this baby a while back against the competition and Servo-U came out as the winner. It has also been rewarded with a Red dot.

The Servo-u

I have worked with the Servo-U/n/air for 8 years, first by making them and now by creating new and inovative clinical features. It’s still fun and really challenging. I work as senior visual designer & interaction designer for the GUI.
The latest featuers I have worked with are the automatic lung recuruitment and transpulmonary pressure.

The graphics are wonderful and easy to follow.

This raises the lowest level of recruitment significantly and also the patient safety

Quote from user regarding lung recruitment

The mix of creating something that will become intuitive to users all over the world and at the same time modern and nice to look at is a serious challenge, but the reward of getting something right for the ICU staff is well worth it.

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Automatic recruitment maneuver

A year ago we released Servo 4.0 with automatic lung recruitment, and several other neat features!

Servo-u with AUTO SRM

I’m still ridiculously proud of this, as it turned out to be a perfect mix of innovation and design. And, it will improve patient outcome.

It has now proven to be a really good feature for covid-patients.
Since the Physician can give directives to the ICU staff without entering the room.

During the development we met and tested with well over a 100 users from all over the globe. The rigorous usability testing makes this feature a truly user centered experience.

The feedback we have gotten from our users has been amazing, both in terms of making the best design decisions but also giving the team that extra boost to help make it to the finish line.

Multiple user perspectives = win!